The 3-Step Playbook for Success

Nov 18, 2022

This three-part process is the ultimate playbook for new agent success.

How do you create a good plan to launch your career? If you don’t have a playbook to follow, how will you get to where you want to go so that you can win? Whatever broker or team you join should have an initial 90-day playbook for you to follow. If they don’t, start by breaking your first 90 days into three different parts.

Your first 30 days should be focused on learning whatever software or systems your broker or team has available for you to use. Put together a database of a minimum of 250 people and do either a CRM or a Google sheet. Then call everyone you have put into your CRM to let them know you have started your new career in real estate and let them know you would really appreciate any referrals. Make sure to announce on all of your social media channels that you’ve started a career in real estate and are happy to answer any and all real estate related questions. And, of course, do a minimum of two open houses per month.


“Whatever broker or team you join should have an initial 90-day playbook for you to follow.”


For your second 30 days, have lunch or coffee with the top 20 people most likely to send you referral business. Spend three hours per day doing some type of lead generation: SOI calls, calling expireds or FSBOs, calling all online leads your broker or team has, door knocking, etc. A minimum of two times per week. Role-play with other agents on buyer consultations, buyer representation agreements, and lead generation calls so you can practice and get better. And, of course, keep doing open houses.

In your third 30 days, do everything you did the last 30 days, but you should be doing buyer consultations and showing homes as well. Also, add in role-playing listing appointments with other agents in your office and continue doing a minimum of two open houses a month. If you don’t already have a deal under contract, I would also write a mock offer and go through an entire mock transaction with your mentor so you can educate yourself on the process and you’re ready to hit the ground running when you finally score that deal.

If you want to learn more about how to build a playbook to launch your career, go to to schedule a free coaching call with me or sign up for a training class. You can also follow me on Instagram and TikTok for additional free agent tips.

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