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Jim Amen

Jim Amen

Founder & Trainer

Jim Amen has been in the Real Estate Industry 18 years and carries a passion for training and coaching new agents. If he hadn’t become a Broker, he would have gone into teaching. He loves to nerd out on education, data and systems to drive agent results. Any night of the week, you can find him in his backyard with his dog Finn smoking a cigar.

Fun Fact:
Jim’s family owns a chain of successful independent grocery stores in Southern California and his Uncle is a world-renowned psychiatrist. Needless to say, he’s a little driven.

Jim wishes he could play:
Golf. Because his dad told him to stick to tennis after he hit the ball into the parking lot.

Megan Blackwell

Megan Blackwell

Director of Marketing

Megan Blackwell has been in marketing for over 15 years and is known for having an opinion about everything. She carries the world record for the amount of time taken to get her real estate license and continues to carry the title.

Spoiler Alert:
Jim is her fiance and they parent a Cavalier King Charles named Finn.

Fun Fact:
She was her high school valedictorian.

Megan wishes she could play:
Golf. Because cocktails are encouraged.

Terry Collins

Terry Collins

Growth and Operations Coordinator

Terry has been a skilled transaction coordinator for the past four years, and he is deeply passionate about compliance and teaching fellow agents. If he had not pursued this career path, he would have likely become an electrical engineer, as he enjoys diving into the intricate details of physics, math, and legal information. These interests allow him to provide optimal support to the Amen Real Estate team. One of his major passions in life is gaming, and he loves nothing more than to explore new virtual worlds.

Fun Fact:
Terry has a bit of an adventurous streak and used to do downhill longboarding, adding a thrill to his life.

Terry wishes he could play:
The saxophone, as he has always been drawn to the instrument’s smooth, soulful sound.

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