Amen Bootcamp

Amen Bootcamp is the go-to resource for agents to launch their careers or take it to the next level.
Our workouts will guide you to flex your education and remain strong for every transaction!

Meet Your Trainer: Jim Amen

Success Stories

“Coming over from a big box brand, I was not expecting the level of training I received from Amen Bootcamp. I have learned so much and at my own pace. Being able to go back and refer to each module has been really helpful and Jim’s availability for all my questions. Can’t wait to see what’s next! Thanks Jim!”

Johnny Perez


“Amen Bootcamp is an excellent and informative training program. I learned a lot. It is easy to follow and it is very structured. The training gives you the step by step process in the home buying/selling process. Jim and other speakers were excellent, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points… huge breadth of knowledge and the ability to tie the different ends together.”

Avongold Edrosolan


“As a newly licensed agent, I had little to no knowledge on what to expect as a real estate agent. Amen Bootcamp changed that for me! It is extremely easy to navigate through and I was able to learn so much. I recommend Amen and his company to everyone. I wish all companies were this professional and educational. Thank you Amen for making my life easier! #AmenToThat”

Nia Chicas


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