How To Increase Your Network

Nov 1, 2022

Three ways to build your referral network and make connections.


How do you build a referral network? Receiving referrals as a realtor is vital for your longevity in the industry. That’s why today, I’m sharing three ways I’ve been successful at getting referrals over the course of my career:

1. Focus on online leads. During the first five years of my career, I focused a significant amount of my time on online leads. I accepted online leads from Redfin and Dave Ramsey. Most of these leads were buyer leads. Over time, these clients would refer me to their friends. Ultimately, when the time came, they would have me list the home I sold them and find them a new home based on their current needs. The key to repeat or referral business from these clients is to stay top of mind by doing things like contacting them monthly with a postcard, reaching out to them with a short video, wishing them happy birthday, or inviting them to a client appreciation event. Just as with nurturing leads, follow-up is key when nurturing clients.

2. Reach out to other businesses and connect. You can do this by networking with divorce attorneys, financial planners, loan officers, contractors, plumbers, electricians, flooring companies, or anyone who is in an industry where you can have a reciprocal relationship and refer clients back and forth to each other.


“The key to repeat or referral business from clients is to stay top of mind.”


3. Be a part of the community. If you go to Facebook, Eventbrite, your local Chamber of Commerce website, or look through your local community paper, you can always find a community event that is happening. Go to these events and meet new people, make connections, and referrals will come your way over time.

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