How New Agents Can Jump-Start Their Career

Jun 27, 2022

Follow these three simple tips to help your career prosper.

I coach and train many new agents who are just starting their real estate careers. After you’ve been through the classes and passed the exam to get licensed, the hard work truly begins. If you want your real estate career to be successful, remember to start with these three tips:

1. Choose a brokerage or team that provides structure, accountability, and lead platforms. Be sure to follow the schedule that your team gives you, and stick to it even after you find success. Your schedule should have time for role-playing, training, lead generation, client follow-ups, showings, inspections, open houses, and networking events.

“Stay in front of the people you put on your contact list so that your name is always top of mind.”

2. Educate yourself and have a mentor. There are many online resources available to you, like various YouTube channels, podcasts, and webinars where you can learn from the top producers in the industry. You can also read news sources like Inman News, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal, and local newspapers. Combine your online resources with the guidance of an in-person mentor you can shadow during buyer consultations and listing presentations. A mentor will show you the ins and outs of a transaction and provide you with feedback as they shadow you during your own appointments.

3. Create a contact list with at least 200 people.  Add your phone contacts, past colleagues, and social media friends to your list. You can also add anyone on the roster for organizations where you volunteer, sports leagues you’re involved in, and people in your inner circle. Stay in front of the people you put on your contact list so that your name is always top of mind when it comes to real estate.

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